Garden Plans

Well many months have passed since I first created this blog, and it would take WAY too long to catch ya’ll up on everything, so we’ll start fresh.

Today is a beautiful day! It is in the 70’s here and Chuck and I have spent most of the day outside working on the yard. This is the time of year that I spend plotting, planning, and dreaming about my beautiful flower gardens and my vegetable garden that I just know I’ll actually plant this year! Sometimes, when Carla comes over and makes me, I actually get a small flower garden or two planted. The only problem is that by mid-August I’ve usually given up the battle with the morning glories and let them claim their invaded territory.

This year I have a new game plan. I’ll not plant my flowers beside the house and tempt the morning glories anymore…no, I’m telling Chuck on the morning glories and their death will be a horrible and painful death. So “Na-Na!”

This year I’m going to make a new flower bed. It will be in the front yard (far, far away from those stupid vines). I keep threatening mom that I’m going to use an old claw bathtub and an old toilet to decorate it with and since Chuck put a new toilet in my bathroom and I actually have one to use I think I might follow through! Whatever I do I will use perennials and I will invest HEAVILY in mulch!

I’m hoping to actually plant a vegetable garden this year and not just say that I am. I know I want green beans and tomatoes and corn, but am not sure what else to plant at this point. I’ve been telling myself for so long that I’m going to plant a veggie garden that I don’t even trust myself anymore, so we’ll all be kept in suspense with this one.

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