I have just returned from our family reunion in Kentucky and my cousin LeAnna has shamed me because I have not been posting on my blog. So here I am, head hung low, trying to come up with something especially witty to make up for the past months….and since that obviously isn’t going to work (lol) I’ll just say whatever pops in my mind.

Chuck and I found out several weeks ago that after years of trying (and even longer of me being told that children were never going to happen) God is blessing us with a child. I am 8 weeks into my pregnancy. Because of some scary incidents that we’ve endured, I’m on semi-bed rest. While I am THRILLED to be pregnant, the thought of 7 1/2 more months of sitting around is a bit overwhelming. To combat this I’ve decided to challenge myself. I’m going to work on my sewing and cooking skills (please take a moment to pray for Chuck and Mandy as they endure the next 71/2 months).

When I run to Walmart, here in a bit, I’m going to pick up some batteries for my camera so that I can post the results (good or bad). Today I’m going to start with making some pillows that Chuck bought me material for 2 months ago, and look up some recipes online that sound simple (key word there). Hopefully, not only will I pass the time I’ll be able to save money (I’m taking inspiration from LeAnna and Brent and their journey here).

To most people this may sound like a pretty easy challenge, but then again most people aren’t talented enough to make crunchy spaghetti!

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