Impending Arrival!

The decision has finally been made. Tomorrow I will be a mommy! That concept seems so foreign to me, but I reckon I better get used to it. Tonight I’ll be moved over to the Labor and Delivery wing and in the morning they will break my water. The doc says it will be a bit of a slow go, but sometime after noon she’ll make her debut. I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll feel like doing tomorrow, but I’ll post her beautiful pics as soon as I get a chance. Until, keep your prayers coming.


It seems as if my 2% luck has caught up with me once again. After finding that my blood pressure was still high at yesterday’s check-up the doctor has put me in the hospital until delivery. Right now we really don’t know when that will be. The doctors should come in in a bit and let us know whether they plan to induce or to let me bake for a bit longer.

Until then, it’s a waiting game. I suppose, that if I have to be in a hospital this is the best one to be in. They have me in a hall with other “bed-ridden” women. I’ve been told that we can get out of our beds, just not leave the rooms so the activity of the day is for the women to stand in their doorways and talk with each other. If I get bored of that, they have a room full of movies and two carts full of books. Wireless internet is provided in all the rooms, so I’ll be able to leave minute-by-minute plays.

Baby Shower

I can’t believe how the time has flown. It seems like mere moments ago that I was running into the bedroom at 3:30 in the morning asking Chuck if I had read the test right (yes, 3:30…don’t ask) now I’m 36 weeks along and sitting at home surrounded by a vast amount of presents bought in love for little Hila Fay (although if she keeps growing at her rate of a pound a week she won’t be little for long!).

The afternoon went absolutely splendidly! The ladies from our church, Fair Oaks Baptist, and several from Pine Tree Baptist got together to host the event. The fellowship hall was immersed in pinks, greens, and camo’s and the cake, punch, and finger foods looked as if they came from a perfect party poster. Around thirty women, girls, and tots gathered round to laugh, ohhhhh and awwww over the precious presents. Chuck and I couldn’t be more tickled with the end result than we are. We were blessed with blankets (both store bought and home-made) and onsies, diapers and wipes, and tons and tons of pink outfits. I’m pretty sure it’s going to take me nigh on a year and a half to put away everything.