Mel’s Top 10 Favorite Things About Being a Mommy

10. Playing Dress-up

9. The little cooing noises she makes when feeding

8. How she fits perfectly in the crook of my arm

7. Watching her facial expressions as she sleeps

6. That warm feeling in the pit of my stomach that comes about every time I look at her

5. The way she lifts one leg for a little poot and both legs for the diaper vibrating kind

4. Watching other’s facial expressions as they look at my baby

3. How cute she is, even when she’s gum-bearing mad!

2. Watching her daddy hold her and love on her

1. The way that when she’s upset and I pick her up, her cries stop instantly as her head lays on my shoulder

Categories Hila Fay, mom, mommy, parent, parenthood, top 10

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