Gardening for Dummies

Every year as spring rolls around I voice my intentions to plant my own vegetable garden, this year I’m doing it again! Since I’m on a mission to cut as many expenses as I can so I can be a SAHM I fully intend to follow up this year.  I’ve even dusted off my Gardening For Dummies book and been making a list of the plants I’m most eager to get. 

I’ve decided to start off relatively small.  So far my list includes: green beans, purple hull peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, bell peppers and maybe some zucchini (maybe I can bribe my mom with some fresh zucchini to make me zucchini bread!).  Chuck will probably make me a raised bed, since the only decent spots in the back/side yard are low.  Hopefully I can keep all of the neighborhood animals out of it, but I can always make a cute scarecrow!!! Oh, how fun that will be!


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