Yesterday was a good day.  I was like uber housewife.  I got up, put on a roast for dinner, hung two loads of laundry on the line, cleaned the kitchen, made home-made bread, picked up feed for the mules and ran it to the farm when Chuck forgot to take it with him, all while taking care of Hila.  Today, not so good. 
My Kindle got wet and now is merely a shadow of its former self; I stepped in dog poo…twice; Hila got choked on a fruit chewy thingy and all I could think of was bf’s mother in law saying, “Put yer hands above yer head!” so even though I know cpr and all that stuff all I could think was to grab Hila’s arms and pull them above her head waving them about as if she were a screaming “Pick me!  Pick meeeeeee!”  The offensive grape chew finally flew from her mouth (along with breakfast’s banana and a few things I didn’t recognize) and we changed to grapes for the morning snack. 
Then my electric shut off.  I called the company and they said the bill had not been paid (even though I KNEW I had sent it last week) and the woman kindly suggested that I go onto my bank’s website and check to see if the payment cleared to which I responded that I would be delighted to IF I HAD ELECTRICITY; “Oh, yea”.  So, I paid the bill AGAIN, and when the electric came back on checked the website and sure enough the payment I sent last week had indeed cleared.  When I called the lady back her response was, “Huh.”  Really????
Now Hila’s down for a nap and I’m torn between completing the only house-related thing I’ve done today, put a load of darks in the washer, or laying down and joining her in the hopes that when I wake up it will be a better day or an alternate reality; at this point I’d accept either.
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2 thoughts on “Do-over

  1. Brent's mom taught Mabel to put her arms in the air when she chokes. Now every time anyone chokes, coughs or sneezes, she throws her hands up in the air and says "Grandma says you do this."Sorry about your bad day, cuz!

  2. I'd say it works! Lol! Aww, as Chuck says, "It'll be awlright" Thank you!

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