Mattress Shopping

Our matress is approximately 527 years old. It was created before quilted tops, before any real cushioning of any type at all existed; or at least if it had any of these luxeries they are a part of its extreme distant past. All that remains is a tan-ish, somewhat bouncy, very creaky rectangle.

After a realization that it has GOT to be contributing to my continual back/neck aches and Chucks sore backs we are in the baby steps of looking for a new mattress. Since I’ve never bought myself a new mattress I am a bit overwhelmed. Obviously I want something that is not going to break the bank, but neither do I want to be so cheap that I end up hating the new mattress as much as the old.

It almost feels a bit like I’m picking a new relationship. I mean, think about the amount of time and the importance the “bed” plays in ones life. Besides the countless hours sleeping, it’s the place you run to and throw yourself on when your heart is broken. It holds your tears and frustrations. It is the mountain piled upon when the kids (and dog) wake up too early or run from the thunder. It holds the secrets of late night conversations between friends and lovers. It comforts you during the flu, and let’s you take refuge when you just need some time to hide from the world.

With all the parts it plays in my life, this seems like such a big decision.

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