For the past four years, one day a week, August through May my husband has been attending “Electrician” classes. I have watched him stress and struggle and fret through increasingly tougher texts and got the joy of watching him graduate from his apprentic-ship on his way towards Journeyman and then Master Electrician.

The affair was simple, dinner at a local restaurant with the graduates and their one alloted guest; but the pride that overflowed the room was hard to ignore.  Everyone of the graduates managed to attend (and pass) the classes while holding down full-time jobs, and most of the men had families. Their dedication and determination to make more of themselves is something to be admired.  Despite the popularity of taking the easy way, these guys stuck to it and have walked away knowing that the past four years were not wasted.

I have a new respect for electricians of every type.  They work hard regardless of the elements around them, they hold in their heads a wealth of information and work around dangerous equipment in dangerous situations all so that we can see with the flip of a switch, or water our fields in the midst of a drought.  So here is for the electrician, whether you are starting your journey or nearing its end…thank you for a job well done. 

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