Things My Toddler Has Changed for Me

*as inspired by the game of “Things”

10.  Amount of stretch marks

9. Body parts that sag

8. How I now look at every object she touches and think, “Which orafice could that be shoved up?” AND “Could it be retrieved?”

7. What I’m willing to go to Walmart looking like/covered in

6. How I now understand those parents who can hold a conversation, without pause, while their kid hollars at the top of their lungs

5. How every parent thinks their kid is the cutest EVER (only mine really is)

4. That nothing can wipe away a bad day like a spontanious kiss

3. Making her laugh is addictive

2. One can get accustomed to living in a constant state of fear, especially when their toddler enters the climbing stage

1. How I want to be a better christian/wife/mom, just so I can be worthy of her adoration.

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