A Mother’s Metamorphose

Isn’t is amazing the changes our moms’ go through as we age from an infant in their arms to being mothers of our own? I remember how as a child my mother was all knowing!  She amazed me how she could solve all of my problems, even if it was just with a hug or a cool cloth on my head.

Somewhere around my pre-teen years, though, my mom started losing it. She fell from that super-hero status and began giving crazy advice that would have set me to being the laughing-stock of the entire school! By the time I had become a teenager I found that I now knew more than her.  Her condition remained the same through my early twenties and didn’t begin to improve until I got married.

I reckon maybe the shock of seeing me in my white dress, committing my life to another was enough to rattle some sense back into her because suddenly some of her advice began to make sense again.  I am proud to report that even though it took the birth of my own daughter to help my mother once again see the light, she has finally recovered from her “lapse” and is once again the all knowing, cape-wearing, superhero of my early childhood days!

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