I have spent the most glorious week working out at the farm.  Each day after Hila gets up from her nap, we’d wait for daddy to get home from work them eagerly gather our stuff and head out.  Some days we’d gather hay, some we’d tend the garden and one day we did nothing but feed the animals and laugh as Hila played in the little swimming pool that Chuck found in the old house.

Life on the farm is filled with hard work, but I’ve realized several things about it.  Despite the fact that the work is sweat drenching tough, it is freeing and enjoyable.  Everybody chips in and the work goes by fast and is usually filled with laughter and playful teasing.  Chuck, Fay & Lisa may be some of the hardest-working people I know, but they put just as much effort into having a good times…even if it means Fay spending each afternoon cooking over a hot stove so we can have full bellies, or Lisa and Chuck racking their brains to come up with a swimming pool for little Hila who cannot get enough of playing in water! 

If I never make it big, or have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank to pass on to my daughter when my time of roaming is done, if I never have priceless gems or great works of art to leave her; then I can be content knowing that I have been able to pass on a way of life that will always sustain her.  She will learn everything she needs to know, right there on the farm.  She’ll learn to love and trust God with all her heart.  She’ll learn that with determination she can live off the land.  She’ll learn the value of hard work, responsibility and good times.  She’ll learn that love is unconditional, and if she’s lucky she’ll learn how to make Big Momma’s 1/2 moon fried apple pies!

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