Am I alone? Anyone else have problems w/ @Verizon or @Motorola?

Ok, I must take a moment to vent.  Mother’s Day, 2010 my husband surprised me with a new Droid.  Now we are not normally the type to splurge on such luxuries, but it being my first Mother’s Day Chuck wanted to do something special for me.

Since then I have had SIX replacement phones! Yes, six!  In their defence, one was my fault (just an FYI, before you sit on the potty, take your phone out of your back pocket), but only one.  Now my sixth phone will charge 10% of the battery then stop.  My only two choices are to either pay a $90 deductible or “upgrade” to a new phone.

With a product that obviously has MAJOR issues, and a customer that has been with them for almost fifteen years, shouldn’t there be more options?  What happened to people, and companies, standing behind their products? To 100% customer satisfaction?

Well, until we get some money scrounged up, I wouldn’t recommend trying to call me.


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