Radio Flyer

Boy, Radio Flyer wagons sure have changed since I was a kid!  No more worrying about them rusting if you leave it in the rain or being limited because of the short sides as to how much can be stacked in them.  Now they’ve come out with uber-fancy kid-toting ones!  These things have as many accessories as new vehicles!  My brother and sister bought one for their son, Matt (or affectionately known as Pac-Man by his Aunt Mel-Mel) and I have got to tell you this thing is THE BOMB!  It has two seats, one of which can either be either rear-facing or forward-facing AND folded down to use as a little table.  It also has a canopy that can be stretched over it, like on an old-fashioned buckboard, to protect our little tykes from the harsh sun or wet rain.

Yesterday my family took a trip to the Memphis Zoo and Josh and Kaiti brought their wagon so that Hila Fay and Pac-Man could ride together.  It amazed me at how much Hila LOVED this thing!  Unlike her stroller (which is an awesome, off-roader!), she didn’t spend her entire time in it trying to stand up or climb out–in fact she didn’t try to get out, at all.  Once, she even cried to be put back in when her dad decided to hold her for a while! 

So, Santa Claus if you’re listening–Momma Hila Fay would like an uber-cool Radio Flyer like her cousins’…just throwing it out there!


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