Pizza Cups


Morgan and I love to invent new recipes. The other night we came up with this new one we call, “Pizza Cups”.

We took pop-biscuits, put one in each muffin hole in our muffin pan. We cooked the biscuits for about 5 minutes at 400.

Then we took out the biscuits (of the oven, not the pan), added a tablespoon of “pizza” (spaghetti) sauce, about a tablespoon of shredded mozzarella cheese, one pepperoni each and put them back in the oven until the cheese melted-about another 5 min.

They were delicious!

I hope you enjoy!


Chicken Noodle


Nothing warms the belly (and the soul) quite like good ole Southern comfort food. One of my favorites on a cold night is Chuck’s chicken noodle soup. The recipe is easy enough for…well, even me!

Feel free to-as they say in the teaching world-modify and adjust; but here’s how I do it:

Broiler chicken

Swanson Chicken Broth (32 oz)-Chuck and I have a saying that there are some things that we are not too poor for, generic broth is one of them!

4 cans cream of’s-feel free 2 mix @ match the chicken, mushroom & celery

Big bag of egg noodles


1. Boil chicken. Use just enough water to barely cover the chicken.

2. When the chicken has completely cooked remove from the water (now broth) and let cool.

3. While the chicken cools add the remaining ingredients and set burner to low.

4. De-bone chicken, add the meat to the soup and salt to taste.

*sometimes I cut up some fresh carrots and celery and add them to the mix

Walah! That’s it!

Let me know how it turns out and any changes that you made that you particularly liked.


Top Five Ways to Save on Christmas Gifts

It seems that as every year passes our purse strings get tighter and tighter. In an effort to help my fellow beings who are in the same boat as myself, I have concocted a Top Five Ways to Save on Christmas list. Enjoy:

5. Give gift certificates. If you are short on time give them for things that you know people would never ask you to honor. This year I have made several for “One free home improvement project to be completed by me…NOT Chuck”.

4. Annoy your friends just enough so that they don’t talk to you for a month, then make a New Year’s Resolution to win them back.

3. Keep your Sonic mints all year long and give “candy” baskets.

2. Save the seeds from any fruits and/or veggies and give them a baby orchard/garden.

1. Since its really the “thought” that counts anyway; write down ten random thoughts, grab an old frame from your utility room and wrap away! P.S. the more random the thought, the better (like: why is it that the older men get the lazier their hair gets? It stops growing on the top of their head and starts coming out their nose and ears!)


Christmas Parade



Last night the Christmas Parade rolled through the small town of Wynne, Ar. Even though I have lived in Wynne on and off for ten years or so, this is only the second time I have attended the festive event…and I must say, it made for a grand time.

Despite the definite chill that had crept into the evening air, we bundled Hila Fay up and eagerly headed into town. The light poles, decorated with their glowing bells, reindeer, and stars led the way to the parade route. Our whole family, Gramma and Grampa included, met up and attempted to corral the toddlers (ok, corral Hila; Pacman was his usual well behaved self) while we waited for the blaring sirens to signal the start. Hila was so wound up that at one Point Chuck used his truck bed as a playpen!


I’m pretty sure that Hila really had no clue what the excitement was about; what she DID know was that at some point or another candy was involved! All in all it was a wonderful evening filled with loved ones and good times. In true Hila fashion, though, the night did not escape without Mommy learning a few things:

1. If you’re going to arrive early you’d best plan on packing a snack…especially if the golden arches are anywhere in sight!

2. Those toddler leash things that I spent years making fun of other parents for owning? Seriously considering.

3. Don’t underestimate the toddler mind. She may appear as if she is innocently asking you to sit on the bench next to her, what’s REALLY happening is that she’s plotting her escape! As SOON as you sit down she IS gonna bolt and head for whatever it is you don’t want her to…which in turn leads to a repeat of lesson number two.


Best. Heat. Ever.

I love all the seasons that God gives us, but fall and winter definitely have special places in my heart. I get so excited when I see the first fall decorations going up. Maybe it’s because they are a signal that our bumpkin lives are about to slow down a bit, or maybe because winter clothes make my body appear slimmer, either way when I spot that first pumpkin I get an extra skip in my step.

One of the best things is that with the first chill my husband heads to the woods with his saw and splitting maul in hand and begins felling trees and stacking the logs neatly outside our home. I love the sound of the fire crackling and the hug of warm woodstove air that envelopes me and warms me like no other type of heat can (and nothing can beat the price reduction on my electric bill!). And the smell, oh the wonderful, homey smell of wood burning!

Now that the beans are in and work has slowed down (some) for Chuck we are eager to once again get started on our farm house. One thing is ABSOLUTELY certain, though. There are definite old-school elements that will prevail in our new house. I will have as many home-made quilts as possible, my decor will be riddled with relics of our family history and as long as possible wood will heat our house.



Potty Training Joys

Hila Fay has been using her potty on and off for several months now. We have encouraged her use, but never really pushed it. Now, in an attempt to ensure her being diaper free by two we have re-doubled our efforts.

We offer candy rewards when she goes potty and this evening even moved her potty into the den with us. She uses the potty at least once a day and even has gone poo in it a couple times. I would LOVE advice from those of you have travelled this road before. What have you done that has worked? What did you do that was just an epic fail?

Funny stories are always good too!