Best. Heat. Ever.

I love all the seasons that God gives us, but fall and winter definitely have special places in my heart. I get so excited when I see the first fall decorations going up. Maybe it’s because they are a signal that our bumpkin lives are about to slow down a bit, or maybe because winter clothes make my body appear slimmer, either way when I spot that first pumpkin I get an extra skip in my step.

One of the best things is that with the first chill my husband heads to the woods with his saw and splitting maul in hand and begins felling trees and stacking the logs neatly outside our home. I love the sound of the fire crackling and the hug of warm woodstove air that envelopes me and warms me like no other type of heat can (and nothing can beat the price reduction on my electric bill!). And the smell, oh the wonderful, homey smell of wood burning!

Now that the beans are in and work has slowed down (some) for Chuck we are eager to once again get started on our farm house. One thing is ABSOLUTELY certain, though. There are definite old-school elements that will prevail in our new house. I will have as many home-made quilts as possible, my decor will be riddled with relics of our family history and as long as possible wood will heat our house.



Potty Training Joys

Hila Fay has been using her potty on and off for several months now. We have encouraged her use, but never really pushed it. Now, in an attempt to ensure her being diaper free by two we have re-doubled our efforts.

We offer candy rewards when she goes potty and this evening even moved her potty into the den with us. She uses the potty at least once a day and even has gone poo in it a couple times. I would LOVE advice from those of you have travelled this road before. What have you done that has worked? What did you do that was just an epic fail?

Funny stories are always good too!