Christmas Parade



Last night the Christmas Parade rolled through the small town of Wynne, Ar. Even though I have lived in Wynne on and off for ten years or so, this is only the second time I have attended the festive event…and I must say, it made for a grand time.

Despite the definite chill that had crept into the evening air, we bundled Hila Fay up and eagerly headed into town. The light poles, decorated with their glowing bells, reindeer, and stars led the way to the parade route. Our whole family, Gramma and Grampa included, met up and attempted to corral the toddlers (ok, corral Hila; Pacman was his usual well behaved self) while we waited for the blaring sirens to signal the start. Hila was so wound up that at one Point Chuck used his truck bed as a playpen!


I’m pretty sure that Hila really had no clue what the excitement was about; what she DID know was that at some point or another candy was involved! All in all it was a wonderful evening filled with loved ones and good times. In true Hila fashion, though, the night did not escape without Mommy learning a few things:

1. If you’re going to arrive early you’d best plan on packing a snack…especially if the golden arches are anywhere in sight!

2. Those toddler leash things that I spent years making fun of other parents for owning? Seriously considering.

3. Don’t underestimate the toddler mind. She may appear as if she is innocently asking you to sit on the bench next to her, what’s REALLY happening is that she’s plotting her escape! As SOON as you sit down she IS gonna bolt and head for whatever it is you don’t want her to…which in turn leads to a repeat of lesson number two.


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