Top Five Ways to Save on Christmas Gifts

It seems that as every year passes our purse strings get tighter and tighter. In an effort to help my fellow beings who are in the same boat as myself, I have concocted a Top Five Ways to Save on Christmas list. Enjoy:

5. Give gift certificates. If you are short on time give them for things that you know people would never ask you to honor. This year I have made several for “One free home improvement project to be completed by me…NOT Chuck”.

4. Annoy your friends just enough so that they don’t talk to you for a month, then make a New Year’s Resolution to win them back.

3. Keep your Sonic mints all year long and give “candy” baskets.

2. Save the seeds from any fruits and/or veggies and give them a baby orchard/garden.

1. Since its really the “thought” that counts anyway; write down ten random thoughts, grab an old frame from your utility room and wrap away! P.S. the more random the thought, the better (like: why is it that the older men get the lazier their hair gets? It stops growing on the top of their head and starts coming out their nose and ears!)


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2 thoughts on “Top Five Ways to Save on Christmas Gifts

  1. If you gave me one of those home improvement gift certificates, I would hold you to it. šŸ™‚

    1. PHA HA HA!!! Duly noted!!!! Might do it in exchange for a tree to hunt from šŸ˜‰

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