Repurposed Gardening

I’ve been given some plants, quite a few actually, so my yard has been a buzz with a make-over. After six years of being left in relative peace, except for its weekly now, I’m now doing actual “yard work” so I’m sure that my poor yard is in utter shock. In the past couple of weeks we’ve cut down trees and built flower beds (which have only existed once since I’ve lived here and then I gave up the battle of trying to keep the morning glories out); we’ve transplanted hydrangeas and kept them from dying (wahoo!) and have begun the process of clearing the way for the other beds.

In my defense my yard is HUGE, about an acre and a half and seems like such an over-whelming project. Buying enough shrubbery, flowers and yard art to make it look cute would sent me straight to the poor house…quicker…so it’s such a blessing that I’ve been given a yard full of plants! It makes me think of how times must have been before people bought their plants when neighbors and family members shared with each other.

It also inspired me to be creative with my flower beds and “yard art”. My goal is to repurpose stuff from around the house and farm and make good use of it. We have one bed partially finished, in it are three hydrangea bushes that my mother gave me. The hostas were rescued from the morning glory hostage “situation”, the rocks were stacked in the yard like a totem pole (why? Because apparently the one on the left wasn’t big enough for me to see with the mower… three times) the turtle with one eye is named Oscar, he is sixteen and a gift from Josh.

I’ve had so much fun the past couple of days looking at things and thinking about what they could be. Even Chuck is starting to get into it as he throws out ideas or comes up with ways to make mine work. I can’t wait to post the pictures and show y’all what we’ve done!

What was your favorite project that you worked on?


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