Hila’s new thing is to follow every statement with “now”. “I want to eat now, Mommy.” “I want my ight (light) in my oom (room) on now, Mommy.”. Each morning I sit in the den, usually I am just finishing up my Bible study when I hear her slam her bedroom door and her feet pitter-patter on the hardwood floor. No matter what mood I’m in I make it a point to plant the biggest smile I can on my face so that is the first side of me that she always sees every morning.

This morning as rounded the corner into the den and noticed the breeze blowing through the window, making the curtains dance and twitter in delight, her usual greeting of, “Where’s Daddy?” was instantly replaced with “I want pay (out)side now, PEEEEEEESE, Mommy!”

Her living in the moment is such a stark contrast to my procrastination. I put off the simple joys of evening walks or blowing bubbles, always trying to finish that last load of laundry or project that I’ve put off for the umpteenth time. This spring I’ve rediscovered the joys of digging in the dirt and laughing at a silly dog. It took a two year old to remind me that sometimes doing something “now” isn’t always bad.


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