Potty Training Fail!!!

Hila first used the potty August 17, 2010 and I was sure that this potty training thing was gonna be a breeze! That was before I realized what an independent spirit she has! So far I’ve managed to get Hila to use the potty several times a day, but that’s about it. I’ve tried bribery, positive reinforcement, more bribery, making her wear training panties so when she pees in them she’s uncomfortable, bribery, and even time outs when she goes in her diaper.

At this point I’m pretty sure she’s just taunting me. Last week I was in the bathroom fixing my hair when Hila comes in there with her dolly. She sits her dolly on the potty, has her dolly pee and poo, wipes her Dolly’s bottom then proceeds to give her doll high five for doing a good job. About five minutes later she tells me that she poo’d and needed her butt changed. Yes, she actually said “change my butt”. Really!?!?

Today she has decided that she hates her diapers and wants to wear panties. When I tell her that she can’t pee in her panties and must use the potty it’s a “No”. Finally after five minutes of naked crying she says she’s gonna use the potty. I’m hopeful, but not convinced.

Please, I’m desperate for any tidbits of advice that y’all have gleaned over the years!!!


Too Many Pots or Project Overload!

I have this horrible habit of jumping into what I think is one project and it ending up to be twenty-seven. I started this Spring with one goal: to finally, after having lived in this house for six years, do something with my yard! I have been given a BUNCH of plants so my excitement was (is) high. Not only would I have a pretty yard, finally, but it would be low cost!

Keeping with the theme of “frugality” (which is ever present at our house since I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom) I decided that with the exception of gardening essentials (potting soil, plant food …etc.,) I was going to try not to buy anything for the yard but rather I would repurpose old things found around our home and at the farm for yard art.

The first part of my plan went relatively smoothly. Chuck built me an above ground flower bed out of some old posts he had, I planted the hydrangeas I was given and decorated with some rocks, spray painted old chairs and fake turtle named Oscar that my brother Josh had given me. While I still have a few more things to put in it, the end result this far was pretty cute–I thought anyway.


Then I came upon my first “hitch”. Our “yard” is actually a little over an acre, so figuring out which part of it to tame next was daunting-especially since I’m doing this right in the middle of planting season which means that between Chuck’s job (electrician) and the farm he’s pulling sixteen hour days so help from him, understandably, is quite sparse (though freely given).

I have this phrase that often elicits chuckles from those who know me. When I’m knee deep in one of my “projects” and someone will ask what I’ve been up to I’ll respond with: Well it all started cuz I … Normally I have to pause at this point of the conversation because the person is laughing knowing how I let one project lead to another, and another, and twenty-seven others.

That’s what happened next. It all started because I needed Chuck’s help to build the main flower bed in our front yard (and to cut down some leaning and dead trees). Since he was tied up, and I had been bitten by the gardening bug, I decided to focus on the back yard. I wanted to make a cozy area that will be comfortable to lounge in and be a fun for Hila to play in. The plan was to paint the old swing set and brighten it up, put a flower bed in front of the pump shed and create an outdoor sitting area.

I had actually bought the spray paint for the swing set months ago so I started on it first. Of course nothing in a 2%’s world goes according to plan, right? Before I even got one leg painted I emptied my paint, and hadn’t even completely covered the old blue stripes! Since I was now on hold with this I decided to start on my flower bed.

As I scrutinized the pump shed itself I realized that it really needs painted. The ugly yellow was dingy and well, just ugly! And, of course, if I’m going to paint I need to do that before I put the flower bed in. I decided on a grey and orange palette, picked up the paint and started in–with the help of Hila of course!



So far we’ve got two walls done, and the trim on the front. However, it didn’t take me long to realize I had two problems:
1. There is nothing that ties in the grey/orange of the shed to the green/tan of our house.
2. The two grills that I had salvaged from Chuck’s junk pile (to use as planters in the flower bed) and spray painted blue and orange (weeks ago) now blended into the shed instead of “popping”.


Ugh! So now my only solution is to use some of my other repurposed yard art (painted pink and yellow) in front of the shed and create another flower bed at the back of the house, putting the grills in it, to tie everything together. O____O

Then, while we’re working on this Morgan decides to move a couple hours away so she can be closer to her mom and family. As we’re packing up her stuff I realized how badly her room needs spruced up. The wallpaper is torn and paint chipped; immediately my CDO (OCD in alphabetical order) kicks in.

I decided that since I’m re-doing it anyway I might as well have Chuck build me a craft table on the back wall then I can make the most of this space and it can double as a craft room/guest room. This, of course, means I’ll end up cleaning out and redoing my bedroom and laundry room as well since they house my sewing machine and craft stuff.

So you see? See how I end up doing five million things at one time? And it all started cuz I wanted a pretty yard!


Apple-Pecan Jello

Why is it that the image in my head never quite translates to the finished product? This was one of those moments, though not as bad as my “Faux Watermelon Cake” (which y’all will hear about later). It started out as a memory, me thinking back to a time long-long ago when I was but a pre-teen. There was an old lady who used to bring this jello dessert to potluck that was always my favorite. Since way back then she was literally around eighty I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be up to my deductive/detective skills to figure out the recipe.

Until I tried it, I wasn’t too worried about duplicating the recipe-I mean come on it’s jello…right?

*Enter 2%*

I remember that the jello was green so I bought lime jello, apples, celery & one small baggy of pecan pieces. I know the ingredients sound weird, but don’t knock it till you try it!! It’s delicious! Make sure you cut the apple and celery up fine, I think that is an important aspect. I figured that if I just used “one” of each then theoretically it should work…right?

Yea, not so much. Lol! But it wasn’t horrible. If I would have doubled the jello (two 8oz boxes) and left everything else at one I think I would have got the proportions correct. But I remember the ingredients being mixed in the jello and not just layered on top. Does anyone have any suggestion as to how to correct this?


Pizza Rolls


I got this idea from Pinterest, (from http://www.plainchicken.com there’s some GREAT recipes there!) and it turned out quite fun! I love lunches (or anything) that allow Hila to “hep” me, it’s so cute to hear the pitter patter of her feet as she runs after me saying, “I hep you, Mommy.” She’s at the age where helping mommy is fun and I do everything I can to encourage it. So for lunch we both donned our aprons,


got out the string cheese, pepperoni’s and crescent rolls and got to work! Hila’s job was to hand me two pepperoni’s (and then apparently shove three in her mouth) and the “stinky” cheese (she loves to eat cheese as long as she doesn’t smell it first). At first we used a whole string cheese but then it seemed to me that once they melted it was going to be a mess so after the first couple we began cutting them in half.

The whole process was relatively simply. Unroll the crescent rolls, place in the desired amount of pepperoni’s (we used two mostly because that’s the number we’re working on learning right now), put the string cheese on top, roll the crescent roll up around your goodies and bake at 350 for ten minutes.


The lighting for the picture wasn’t very good but the pizza rolls sure were, even if I did forget to fold up the sides and cheese melted everywhere!!! Lol! Oh well, we all know I’ll never be Paula Deen.


To Save a Toad’s House

My brother, Josh, has been on a kick for several years now about the power of spray paint-and with my new passion of repurposed gardening I have become a believer! My first project of repainting some dilapidated kitchen chairs turned out pretty good (if I do say so myself):


Last night Hila Fay and I decided to renovate an old, abandoned toad house. We used yellow, orange and pink paint with no purpose but to have fun and this was our end result:



Not bad, huh? Well, we had fun anyway. Hila received her first lesson in which way to point the spray can and I got my exercise jumping when my lessons failed!


Snow Cream in May


Hila has always loved her food. There are very few things that she dislikes, so I am very blessed in that! I love to come up with creative recipes & snacks for her. Lately I’ve been into playing with the shaved ice machine. Chuck & I were given this for our wedding and I don’t think we’ve used it once or twice before but I am falling in love with it all over again!

Today I put the ice in the top of the machine. Pushed the button and “shaved” it, which makes it come out looking like snow (and gave me the idea in the first place). I made about 1/2 a gallon of “snow”, added 1/2 c of sugar, 1c milk & 1/2 tbs of vanilla & viola! Snow Cream!!!


Migraine Pergatory

Two months ago my doctor started me on a migraine preventative medicine called Topamax. I was pretty wary at first because I had made the mistake of googling it and saw that people had listed some pretty hairy side effects about it. However, I saw enough people touting its praises-and I was so tired of the shots-that I was willing to give it a try.

Doc man warned me up front that because I am a “chronic” migraine sufferer and because I have high tolerance levels to medications that my dosage would probably need to be increased after two months. He gave me my drugs and after a week and a half of being sleepy and whiny a strange thing occurred… My migraines went away! I had two glorious, pain free months! I can’t possibly describe what it feels to go from a constant headache to nothing. It’s like being In a room where a fluorescent bulb continually buzzes then finally stops…only imagine that the noise is an actual pain. I enjoyed myself so much that I even lost twenty seven pounds!

Then then doctors predictions can true. The pain returned slowly, as slight headaches that escalated to the throbbing consumption of the all too familiar migraine.

Doc man upped the dosage a couple of days ago so I’m sleepily and whinily (I made that word up myself) waiting for it to kick in and praying for as good of results as before. I hate the thought of returning to a constant pain filled life.

Does anyone else use topamax? Has it worked for you? Did it seem to wear off? Do y’all have migraines? Have you found any treatments that you favor?


Raising ’em Right


Every Tuesday and Thursday, after nap time, we gather up our belongings and head over to the farm. Hila Fay eagerly rushes to the shelf on the carport that holds her yellow, plastic, garden hoe and jabbers about she’s going to “hep” while she wildly brandishes the hoe like knight from King Arthur’s court. I smile at her enthusiasm, and encourage the conversation because, to me, these are important lessons.

Don’t get me wrong, I work on her ABC’s and 123’s and shapes and colors (ESPECIALLY the difference between red and green so we don’t have a repeat of last year’s abundance of green tomatoes picked by tubby little hands), but I incorporate those lessons as we do our everyday things. At this age I tend to concentrate more on her manners, social skills, and learning about God. Like every parent, I’m sure, sometimes I doubt myself and my methods. Then I have those “proud mommy” moments that reinforces that something you’re doing must be right.

Like when you’re in the local Tractor Supply store and your two year old tells the cashier “thank you-bye” and the cashier remarks that she always hears kids say bye, but never thank you and that she will never forget that moment; or yesterday when Hila ran through a store and knocked over a boot and box then stopped, said “Oh, I sowy” and did her best to straighten the box and put the boot back on top.

And, how even at two (or perhaps because she is only two, lol) she always wants to help. Whether its making a bed, doing laundry (great time to work on counting and colors!) or at the garden. My in-laws are wonderful at encouraging Hila to help. She has her little patch of dirt to dig and play in, but more often than not she wants to be by one of our sides to “hep” us and we always oblige.

I know that raising children is not a science, and I have so much yet to figure out-like potty training-but I am a proud momma in those moments. Now, if only we could teach her to obey instantly and lose the tantrums…

What do you think are the most important things to emphasize in a child’s early years?