Migraine Pergatory

Two months ago my doctor started me on a migraine preventative medicine called Topamax. I was pretty wary at first because I had made the mistake of googling it and saw that people had listed some pretty hairy side effects about it. However, I saw enough people touting its praises-and I was so tired of the shots-that I was willing to give it a try.

Doc man warned me up front that because I am a “chronic” migraine sufferer and because I have high tolerance levels to medications that my dosage would probably need to be increased after two months. He gave me my drugs and after a week and a half of being sleepy and whiny a strange thing occurred… My migraines went away! I had two glorious, pain free months! I can’t possibly describe what it feels to go from a constant headache to nothing. It’s like being In a room where a fluorescent bulb continually buzzes then finally stops…only imagine that the noise is an actual pain. I enjoyed myself so much that I even lost twenty seven pounds!

Then then doctors predictions can true. The pain returned slowly, as slight headaches that escalated to the throbbing consumption of the all too familiar migraine.

Doc man upped the dosage a couple of days ago so I’m sleepily and whinily (I made that word up myself) waiting for it to kick in and praying for as good of results as before. I hate the thought of returning to a constant pain filled life.

Does anyone else use topamax? Has it worked for you? Did it seem to wear off? Do y’all have migraines? Have you found any treatments that you favor?


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