Pizza Rolls


I got this idea from Pinterest, (from there’s some GREAT recipes there!) and it turned out quite fun! I love lunches (or anything) that allow Hila to “hep” me, it’s so cute to hear the pitter patter of her feet as she runs after me saying, “I hep you, Mommy.” She’s at the age where helping mommy is fun and I do everything I can to encourage it. So for lunch we both donned our aprons,


got out the string cheese, pepperoni’s and crescent rolls and got to work! Hila’s job was to hand me two pepperoni’s (and then apparently shove three in her mouth) and the “stinky” cheese (she loves to eat cheese as long as she doesn’t smell it first). At first we used a whole string cheese but then it seemed to me that once they melted it was going to be a mess so after the first couple we began cutting them in half.

The whole process was relatively simply. Unroll the crescent rolls, place in the desired amount of pepperoni’s (we used two mostly because that’s the number we’re working on learning right now), put the string cheese on top, roll the crescent roll up around your goodies and bake at 350 for ten minutes.


The lighting for the picture wasn’t very good but the pizza rolls sure were, even if I did forget to fold up the sides and cheese melted everywhere!!! Lol! Oh well, we all know I’ll never be Paula Deen.


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