Potty Training Fail!!!

Hila first used the potty August 17, 2010 and I was sure that this potty training thing was gonna be a breeze! That was before I realized what an independent spirit she has! So far I’ve managed to get Hila to use the potty several times a day, but that’s about it. I’ve tried bribery, positive reinforcement, more bribery, making her wear training panties so when she pees in them she’s uncomfortable, bribery, and even time outs when she goes in her diaper.

At this point I’m pretty sure she’s just taunting me. Last week I was in the bathroom fixing my hair when Hila comes in there with her dolly. She sits her dolly on the potty, has her dolly pee and poo, wipes her Dolly’s bottom then proceeds to give her doll high five for doing a good job. About five minutes later she tells me that she poo’d and needed her butt changed. Yes, she actually said “change my butt”. Really!?!?

Today she has decided that she hates her diapers and wants to wear panties. When I tell her that she can’t pee in her panties and must use the potty it’s a “No”. Finally after five minutes of naked crying she says she’s gonna use the potty. I’m hopeful, but not convinced.

Please, I’m desperate for any tidbits of advice that y’all have gleaned over the years!!!


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