Sweet Help


As soon as Hila Fay got old enough to toddle around behind me I included her in my activities. Whether I was making beds, folding laundry, gathering hay or working in the garden I would find little ways for her to help. When I clean house I give her a spray bottle filled with water and an old toothbrush and she “cleans” right along with me, when I hang laundry on the line she proudly hands me clothespins.

Now, whenever Hila sees me working on something-no matter what she’s doing-she comes running and excitedly shouts out: “Hiwa hep Mommy! Hiwa hep!!!”. And even though I could get things done much more efficiently and far quicker if she would just keep playing, I always smile and welcome her help. This time spent together is impossible to recreate.

The lessons she learns-good work ethic, helping heart, patience, counting, colors, …etc-, and the memories we are making are worth it taking me an extra ten minutes or starting the cookies over because when I went to get the measuring spoon she dumped everything in together; and even though we had to restart our cookies, they turned out pretty good (just don’t look too closely at the pink sprinkled one).

I found the recipe for our sugar cookies at The Modern Christian Woman’s blog (click on the link for the recipe) Ours didn’t turn out as pretty, but Hila Fay said they were “Num, Num, Nummy in my tummy!” and that’s all the approval I need.

Do you encourage your kids to work alongside you? What is your favorite activity to do with them?


2 thoughts on “Sweet Help

  1. I’m so glad you liked them! I managed to save some of mine and turned them into ice cream sandwiches – soooo good! 🙂

    1. That’s a GREAT idea!!! We took some sprinkles (the colored sugar kind) & mixed it half-n-half with the sugar to make them colorful…then when I walked away Hila started “drinking” the sprinkles!!! Lol!

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