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People would bust out laughing if someone claimed a movie that they had never seen what they claimed to be their “favorite” movie, or if they raved a book to be “The Best” and had only read a chapter or two. Sound ridiculous? That’s because it is!

I’ve noticed that it is a growing fad on social networks for Christians to list the Bible as their favorite book, but the sad truth is that many people have never read the whole thing. The Bible truly is an amazing tome! It’s filled with romance and war and underdogs. It has the most beautiful imagery and poetry and gives us the secrets to true wisdom.

The Bible encourages us and admonishes us in the same breath. It chronicles the lives of countless heroes (and heroines) and hints at mysteries that still boggle the greatest minds today. It truly is a spectacular book that holds new finds for every read. Yet sadly many of us cast it aside, ignoring our command to read it and let it light our path.

We have time for our favorite shows and hanging with friends, yet are too “busy” to make time to spend with Him (but we have no problem falling to our knees when something goes wrong). We fuss about a lack of understanding or the ambiguity of some Biblical passages, but rarely take the time to pray for understanding or seek Godly council.

I say that now is the time for Christians to live up to our name. Do away with our excuses and eliminate the ability for others to truthfully refer to us as “hypocrites”. If a change is going to be made in our nation-our world-it will be made by us; and it will begin with us dusting off our Bibles and engrossing ourselves in God’s Word.

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