Finding Joy in 2% Times

Just so you know, I am writing this post at a great risk to my own self. As soon as this is posted something drastic will happen that will try all my theories and advice; its part of the 2% code.

I do believe I can honestly say that not many people have worse “luck” than my husband and I. I mean, seriously, how many people have a tonsillectomy, react to the medication, have a seizure and fracture the circle-thingy that holds their arm to their shoulder? Or fall out of their tree stand and re-injure their bad knee so that they have to wear a steel brace and use crutches right before they go to their friend’s cabin for Thanksgiving then get some weird condition that causes their eye to completely swell shut, be rushed to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day resulting in them missing both the Thanksgiving hunt and Black Friday shopping AND to be put in the hospital for five days because apparently the condition can go through the eye, into their brain and kill them! Yea, I didn’t think so.

Now, this stuff may sound extreme and even I will admit that it doesn’t happen everyday (usually just every-other Thanksgiving). But, I am quite used to the “everyday” stuff that happens to all families; only in our family we usually get six months worth in a week. It rains for a month straight, making the ground entirely too wet to plant, then once it dries up the bearings go out on the disc, the tractor gets a hydraulic leak and the bean and fertilizer prices double. Finally, you think everything has worked out and the beans get in the ground and that is precisely that moment that the rains stop and the drought begins. Now you have thousands of dollars invested into a crop that will very likely not make; and that was all in a one month span!

Most of the time my sense of humor keeps me from getting down. I have learned to look for the humor in each situation and to dwell on it instead of the depressing facts. Even though having a seizure and fracturing my arm kept me in pain and from getting around, my best friend packed me up and toted me around to do my Christmas Shopping. When someone would ask me what had happened to my arm, I would simply say, “I had a tonsillectomy.” and walk away leaving my friend to explain. In my deranged mind this was hilarious and kept me from overly stressing about the fact that because my right arm (I am right-handed) was bummed up, I had to depend on others for everything (from doing my hair, to bathing, to driving and so on).

Sometimes, though, it seems as if I can stand no more, and I wonder what I have done wrong or what God is trying to tell me. During those times I go into my “bubble” or shut down mode. It’s hard to describe, but its kind of like pulling into myself. I get quiet and contemplative, remaining this way for perhaps a day or two before I hear God’s voice whispering: “Give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will.” (I Thess 5:18, Holman Christian Standard) Then I hold my head up and force myself to be thankful for the things that have gone right. I have an absolutely wonderful husband, who is my best friend. I have a beautiful baby girl, which the doctors said I would not have but God said yes (I could go on and on but you get the point).

One thing that I have realized over the years is that it doesn’t really matter how I respond, the facts are the facts. Whether I pull my hair and throw a hissy fit, or I laugh and go on; nothing will change the fact that I just managed to run out of gas (again) and am waiting on the side of the road for my brother to come rescue me. What DOES change is the way I feel and the way I make others feel. By sitting there and laughing about of the irony of me running out of gas literally three seconds after I just finished telling my girl about another time I had run out of gas, I created a light atmosphere; free of stress and anger. In addition, I created a memory that we look forward to re-telling and laughing about.

I know that there are times that things seem overwhelming and finding the positive is near impossible. In those times I feel free to use my life to make yours seem better (!

“I give thanks to God who strengthened me,…]”

I Tim 1:12a Holman Christian Standard

In Christ,


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