The Santa Situation


I love Christmas! I love the music, the lights, the movies that flood our televisions. I love the light “jingle” of the charitable Santa’s and the challenge of finding the perfect gift.

Growing up our family was so large that we “drew names”. Half of the excitement each year was attempting to keep the name you had chosen a secret and carefully selecting (and keeping hidden) their uber gift. Our tradition instilled in me a true love of giving and showed us that the best part of Christmas is in doing for others.

This Christmas Hila Fay will be just shy of her second birthday. I want her to enjoy all of the elements of the Season as much as I did, but in a manner that doesn’t cause her to lose sight of the purpose. I don’t want her so caught up in looking for Santa that she misses the manger through his jolly belly. As fun as the Santa tradition is, I fear that it can detract from God’s Gift if we are not careful.

For several years now I have debated whether or not to do the whole Santa thing with Hila. There’s a part of me that has a problem in creating fantasies in my child based upon lies. Looking back I can honestly say that I enjoyed Christmas just as much after I found out the truth about Santa as I did before; besides how can I fuss at her over falsehoods when I lead her on for years?

One thing is for sure, I’m going to do my best to create traditions-like I had growing up-that help Hila Fay keep the proper perspective. In addition to making big deals out of buying/making presents for others, I’ll find a way to keep Jesus as the real reason. Focus on the Family has a daily advent calendar-with daily challenges-that they have been posting on their Facebook page. Each activity has a Biblical emphasis and is easy for even the youngest children to understand.

Next year Hila Fay will be old enough to participate in the calendar and I cannot wait to incorporate it into our Holiday traditions, but until then I will pray and seek advice on how best to handle Santa situation for I don’t want her to miss out on any experiences either. This is where you come in: What were/are your favorite Christmas traditions (both Christian and non)? How do you feel about Santa? How do you help your kids keep the proper perspective among the bombardment of “me-me-me’s”?


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