What if …

What if we (Christians) never smarted-back/off to others (Phil 4:6)? Would more people listen to us? What if we never talked about people (Tit 3:2) and always kept our word (Jam 5:12); would more people trust us? What if we, “Do not owe anyone anything, except to love one another …” (Rom 13:8); would there be a recession? What if those of us who have an abundance gave to those who are in need (I John 3:17)? Would fewer Christians fall?

What if we took care of our widows and orphans (Jam 1:27)? Would there be a need for nursing homes? Would we have over 100,000 children without a “forever home”? What if husbands truly loved their wives–a love like Christ had for the church, a love worth dying for–and wives submitted to their husbands (Eph 5:25)? Would divorce rates plummet and anniversary parties overflow? What if everything we said, and everything we did was always filled with love (I Cor 4:38)? Would less people feel the need to end their lives? What if we were as passionate about spreading God’s message (Matt 28:19-20) as we were for Saturday’s football game? Would our churches overflow?

What if we, as christians, live as the Bible tells us to; not picking and choosing which verses to obey (Jam 2:10)? Would we have a revival on our hands?


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