Craft Room Complete! …almost


Turning the spare room into the craft ended up being a way bigger project that I initially thought it would be-partially because it is a VERY small room and partially because I was introduced to my arch nemesis: Faux 70’s Paneling.

In the end, after hand scraping twenty-seven layers of paint and wallpaper off the panelling, and with the help of Chuck and Hila Fay, I finally have a craft room to be proud of! Here are the pictures of our progress:


Remember, at one point or another everybody makes questionable choices. Don’t mock me. 😉

Chuck LITERALLY crushed two wallpaper scrapers with his bare hands! Yes, I am more than a little proud of that fact…and the fact that my toddler is jumping right in to help!

The fun part begins with the decorating!!!! Accessorizing a room, to me, is all about expressing yourself. Using art, junk and what not’s to give the world clues as to who you are. Ok world, here are mine & Hila Fay’s clues:

Hila Fay’s craft table

A picture of my Uncle Norman & Aunt Carol that Hila insisted on thieving

A quilt made for me by Mrs. Fay, my wedding bouquet, some Jones soda bottles and cool old cans!

Can you believe I made that angel like twenty years ago?

That was the first dining table that Chuck & I “owned”.

Look at the wooden shelf, I decorated it with buttons!!!!

My “fabric” corner



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2 thoughts on “Craft Room Complete! …almost

  1. I love it and I am proud of you. It gives me courage to keep working on our bedroom.

    1. Thank you! You can do it! It actually took me months, I started way back in April. Some days I got nothing more than a few pin stripes painted but Flylady’s expression of “A half blessing is better than no blessing” has become my mantra!

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