Humble Pie: or Two Types of Pride

Yesterday’s post left my mind kind of twirling and all afternoon I could feel God nudging me, telling me to delve just a little deeper. I’ve been reading a book by Beth Moore titled Praying God’s Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds. One of the first chapters is on pride.  You know that expression that says “Never pray for patience”? (If you don’t that’s a whole ‘nother blog) Well, you might wanna add pride to the warning list. A week ago I thought I was pretty humble, then I started reading this book and now I’ve been eating humble pie for three days straight-and I’ve got a feeling that “God’s still working on me…”  Well at least I won’t have to pan the menu for next week.

All this praying and thinking on pride made me come up with my own theory. I think that there are two types of pride:
1. Pride of Self
2. Pride in Self

Pride of Self
Hila has really developed a love for coloring. She will sit for WHOLE MINUTES (she’s a toddler, what did you expect?) and quietly work, perfecting her masterpiece before bringing it to me and excitedly proclaiming, “It’s to your heart!”  Her face beams in obvious delight-in pride-of her accomplishment. This is pride of self. I think it is good and healthy. I encourage it in Hila and get almost as much joy out of the expression on her face as she must from the flutter in her heart.

Then we have…

Pride in Self
This is the kind that I think gets us Christians. This isn’t necessarily the snooty “I’m too good for that”, high-and-mighty kinda pride. This is the sneak in the backdoor and hide in the mud room kind of pride. It whispers that we’re too good to apologize (or forgive 7 x 70) or to ask for help when we need it.  Pride in Self convinces us that our gifts aren’t good enough; so instead of singing that special that we’ve been practicing for a month we once again sit on “our” pew ans hum the chorus in our head.

The more I thought about it, the more ashamed I was. I let my pride in self convince me over and over not to do the bidding of God-even though God warns us about this!  Prov. 29:23a “A person’s pride will humble him …]”  I used it as an excuse not to: call, witness, forgive, try, … fill-in-the-blank … How much more powerful could we (Christians) be if we learned to bridle or pride in self: to mute that voice that says “you can’t” and learn to think “He can!” What if we just try one “bite” at a time? We could mend a broken fence or sing that song. We could grab a friend and go witnessing without letting the worry of rejection stop us. Let’s stop listening to the nagging voice in our head, to the popular mandates of today that says Christian forgiveness and compassion is equivalent to wus and instead choose to believe that God knows what He’s talking about.

Prov 11:2 “When pride comes, disgrace follows; but with humility does wisdom.”

As for me-I still have a whole table full of pie left that I need to try and finish.


But first, I should finish what I start and right now i

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2 thoughts on “Humble Pie: or Two Types of Pride

  1. pride in self gets us all but at different times and stages of life

    1. And I think it gets us in a lot of little ways, ways that we just kind of brush off. We don’t really think of it as “pride”, but since putting aside our fears and risking failure can be a humbling experience I think it is. 🙂

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