Not Too Proud :)


One area of my pride that was never an issue for me was asking for help-or admitting when I sucked at something. Well, I am horrible at washing vehicles! Laugh if you want, but I know when to admit defeat. Hila Fay and I spent three hours and had to wash my van three separate times and it still had mud clumps (and that was before Hila discovered the joy of running back and forth in the in the mud puddles that hose water created in our “gravel” driveway). Then I had give her a bath, I’m thinking the $6 car wash doesn’t sound so expensive anymore! Hehehe!

Even after I gave the van a “once over” and pulled it back onto the carport this is what I found:



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4 thoughts on “Not Too Proud :)

  1. Here’s the great news: I heard on the news that it is more environmentally responsible to do the car at the car wash because all the runoff doesn’t go in the storm sewer system, it has to be recycled or somehow dealt with correctly. So there you go.

    1. Lol, I wish I could claim that as my excuse but I live so far out in the country that we don’t have storm drains, just big ditches filled with mosquitoes and bullfrogs! Hehehe!

      1. groundwater, then. run with it.

      2. See, now I was hoping you’d help me come up with another viable excuse to give my hubby as to why I NEEDED to pay the money to go to town! Lol!

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