Who do you vent to?

Continuing my quest pick y’all’s brains, this post focuses on “venting”. Who do you turn to when you are upset or need advise? Do you vent to a friend? Is your first thought to call your husband? Do you ever confide in some of the opposite sex who is not related to you (or not a counselor). Thank you (again) for your help! I will be doing the Bible Study (How to protect your marriage) online as well as in our church so y’all will get to see the finished copy. If you feel so led, I would appreciate y’all sharing these posts. The more participation I get the happier I am! 😀


Keeping the “Spark”

I am working on creating a Bible Study on protecting your marriage. So, over the next few weeks I’d like to pose questions to y’all and get your input (please & thank you). Today I’d like to ask about what you do to keep the “spark” in your relationship.
Do you still intentionally flirt with your spouse?
How often do you go out on dates?
How do you spice up things when you feel there is a (sexual) lull in the relationship?
Older couples, what advice do you have for newlyweds?


What does “Family” mean?

One of my friends had this question as her Facebook status:
“What does family mean?”
So, I got to pondering it for a while, and thought I would answer it as a blog post. So this, Becki, is for you! To me, family means…

1.that even when I’m mad at I Josh (my brother) I still call him when something is funny-even if I hang up right after I’m done.
2. that my sister-in-law is more my sister/BFF than anything else
3. that when I’m sick I always want my Momma’s touch
4. when I’m scared I’ll always want my Dad.
5. only I can insult/poke fun of my family!
6. that even if I think your idea is stupid-and I will probably tell you so-I will always have your back.
7. I always have friends, confidants and support-even if it sometimes comes in the form of an argument. Hehehe