What does “Family” mean?

One of my friends had this question as her Facebook status:
“What does family mean?”
So, I got to pondering it for a while, and thought I would answer it as a blog post. So this, Becki, is for you! To me, family means…

1.that even when I’m mad at I Josh (my brother) I still call him when something is funny-even if I hang up right after I’m done.
2. that my sister-in-law is more my sister/BFF than anything else
3. that when I’m sick I always want my Momma’s touch
4. when I’m scared I’ll always want my Dad.
5. only I can insult/poke fun of my family!
6. that even if I think your idea is stupid-and I will probably tell you so-I will always have your back.
7. I always have friends, confidants and support-even if it sometimes comes in the form of an argument. Hehehe


Tell it like it is!

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