Who do you vent to?

Continuing my quest pick y’all’s brains, this post focuses on “venting”. Who do you turn to when you are upset or need advise? Do you vent to a friend? Is your first thought to call your husband? Do you ever confide in some of the opposite sex who is not related to you (or not a counselor). Thank you (again) for your help! I will be doing the Bible Study (How to protect your marriage) online as well as in our church so y’all will get to see the finished copy. If you feel so led, I would appreciate y’all sharing these posts. The more participation I get the happier I am! πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “Who do you vent to?

  1. To my husband first for pretty much everything, but I also vent to my siblings and parents and friends depending on the topic. I share the venting, haha. Sometimes I vent to my friends first if they are the ones immediately available to talk to (for instance, I worked a 12 hour night shift on the ambulance, I vented to my partner about icky patients or rude doctors before I vented to my husband because my husband was soundly sleeping back home. And my partner was a guy, which answers one of your other questions) but I’d still tell my husband about it whenever I next got the opportunity to talk to him.

    I think it also depends on the topics you vent about, too. My husband is my number one confidant for everything. But especially with tough calls when working EMS, it’s important to be able to talk right away when things happen, kind of like a debriefing, and so I vented to my partner and supervisor (both male) in those situations. Outside of EMS, I don’t have other guy friends I vent to, and I don’t talk to ANYONE without telling my husband about it.

    Also, as far as needing advice goes, I ask my older sister or mom about pregnancy advice (although I usually talk to my husband about those conversations afterwards) because that’s one area where my husband has been super supportive, but not very experienced haha.

    1. Skeefer, is your hubby also friends with your EMT buddies? Are they married or single?

      1. I actually helped my EMS partner custom design the engagement ring for his lady, and she worked the same shift so Im friends with her as well πŸ™‚ In fact, I met his parents, his sisters, his daughter, and last April his grandson. I went to Beverly’s bday party at their house and Brian of course came with, so he met the whole group of them there, but otherwise we (chuck and I) didn’t hang out after work. 12 hours together at work 4-5 nights a week was enough and both of us wanted to make sure our respective significant others were ok with us being partners on the ambulance. I told Brian every conversation that passed between Chuck and I, and Chuck and I didn’t call or text each other outside of work.

        That’s not to say that there wasn’t potential for danger to both our relationships with our signifcant others. The nature of EMS work means you get to know your coworkers very, very well and under very stressful situations. Cheating can be pretty rampant, in fact when in Paramedic school one of the acronyms for EMS was jokingly “Extra Marital Sex”. It worried me when I first got a job, so I went into offensive mode and basically brought up Brian in every conversation with every coworker I met and talked about how wonderful a husband he was. I removed myself from “the market” as quickly and as thoroughly as I could. I thanked God regularily that I was partnered with Chuck who only had eyes for Beverly. I was blessed by my friendship with Chuck, but it’s not one I would’ve sought out on my own out of respect for Brian and I’s marriage.

      2. I love how hard you work to protect your marriage! It goes right along with the Bible Study! You’re going to be a great asset! πŸ™‚

      3. Thanks! I’m hoping to copy your blog questions and email them to some of my friends. I don’t know how many will answer, but maybe that’ll give you some more material for your study πŸ™‚

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