Lies You Believe(d)

I’m putting the final pieces together on the Bible Study that I’m writing and would like some more input from y’all (please).

What are some lies that you believed that affected your marriage (or, perhaps, marriages that you-personally-know of). For instance: “Love is based on a feeling; therefore, if I no longer ‘feel’ anything I must no longer be in love.” Or “It’s ok to date/marry him even if he isn’t a Christian because he’s a ‘good’ guy. Besides, I can always ‘get him in church’.”

Maybe your lie isn’t something that “deep” but it still caused tension in your marriage; like, “if I just ignore the problem it will go away on its own.”

If you have some personal anecdotes telling how you believed the lie, how it affected your marriage and how you overcame it (if you did/have) then that would be great! You can always email them to me at if they are too personal to share in a public forum.

Thank you soooooo much!


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