Hila Fay’s Conversations with Daddy


I’m laying in the recliner trying to rid myself of a migraine. My wonderful hubby is outside working on my vehicle while Hila Fay alternates between playing & “helping” daddy. My heart melted as I listened to Hila Fay talk to her daddy.
(Note: Hila Fay says most of her “L”‘s like “W”‘s. I wrote the conversation exactly as it sounded to me)

HF: Are you handsome, daddy?
Daddy: Me? Naw.
HF: Well, I tink you handsome daddy!

*pause in conversation as I hear some metal banging & hubby grunting*

HF: PUSH, Daddy, PUSH!
Daddy: *grunt*
HF: YAY DADDY! You my SUPER DADDY, huh, Daddy. You my Super-Daddy!

*HF comes inside, goes to fridge then rushes back outside*

HF: Here, Daddy, I got you a Koow-aid. Your bewy told me it was REAWY thirsty!
Daddy: Thank you, baby.
HF: You welcome, Daddy! You’s REALLY thirsty, huh, Daddy! I know cuz you bewy told me so!

*Conversation inaudible as Hubby uses an air wrench to put the tire back on*

HF: (jumping up & down clapping) YAY DADDY! You did a good job! *pause* Uhm, daddy? You better clean up you toows (tools) cuz you made a MESS!

*conversation fades as Hubby walks back & forth putting his tools up. Hila Fay must realize at this point that it means nap time is almost here*

HF: Uhm, Daddy? I full of ni-ni. Are YOU full of ni-ni? Cuz I sure am!

Hila Fay’s obvious adoration for her daddy warms my heart. The two of them complete my world and I thank God for them.


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