Modesty Rules

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Earlier I read an article on Yahoo! that talked about a school district where parents were all in a tiff because the school was choosing to enforce its school hours dress code at its EIGHTH GRADE Spring Fling dance and therefore strapless gowns were not going to be allowed. This blog post may make me extremely unpopular, and may prove me to be a prudish mom-BUT, I’m gonna say it anyway. GOOD!

There are PLENTY of beautiful, modest dresses available for those young ladies. In fact, as long as my daughter lives in my house she will cover up all of her “assets”. I will, though, do my best to help her understand that her body is a gift from God meant only to be seen by her husband. I will be willing to spend countless hours helping her find a dress that makes her beam in delight, twirl like a princess and STILL honor our Heavenly Father.


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5 thoughts on “Modesty Rules

  1. “I will be willing to spend countless hours helping her find a dress that makes her beam in delight, twirl like a princess and STILL honor our Heavenly Father. ”

    I could hug you for that sentence, haha 🙂 Modesty is a tough and extremely confusing issue for girls and women. Hopefully Hila Fay will grow up understanding that being beautiful is a wonderful thing (and much more a reflection of her heart than her “assets”) but she can absolutely be “beautiful” and dress well without having to be immodest. Not gonna lie, I still struggle with this issue, but much less so as I continue to grow in Christ and in my relationship with my husband.

    Here’s a blog post I wrote a year ago on modesty and my struggle with it. I realized I was basically trying to re-say everything I had already written in this post because modesty is a topic that is dear to me. If you’re unpopular, I’m unpopular right there with you 🙂

    1. Thank you friend! What a good post! I absolutely agree. Girls/ladies/women can look pretty/attractive without being immodest or sinning. I pray that Hila Fay grows to understand that, and, like you stated that her true value lies in the person that she is. No matter how much a person dresses up, you can’t hide “ugly”.
      Btw, I LOVE how in the South we use the word “ugly” to describe a bad attitude! For example (in case any “Northeners” are reading this) Hila Fay, we don’t throw stones at our puppy, that’s ugly. No ma’am, not even small stones. (Actual conversation)

      I fully intend to link your blog to mine tomorrow as a related post! I think they compliment each other nicely.

      1. Yes, using “ugly” as a way to describe how people act or a bad attitude is a great use of the word, I completely agree 🙂 Thanks for the link back! I didn’t mean to “toot my own horn” as my mom would say, but I found your post was definitely complimentary to my thoughts on the subject and the subject is just so close to home for me I couldn’t help but share. It’s really nice to find someone who shares similar opinions/viewpoints, especially on controversial subjects that go against the “norm” of our culture. 🙂

      2. After you provided the link I remembered reading your post before and was VERY glad that you reminded me of it! I thought that the posts complimented each other because they show different views of the same topic.

        It does seem that we are a minority in our view; but, perhaps if we continue to add our voices together then others might hear us too! Regardless, it’s nice to have people to depend on for support! 🙂

    2. I went ahead & linked it so I wouldn’t forget. 🙂

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