Christmas at the Hixon’s


Next to Autumn, Christmas is my favorite season! I love the unique melodies, the cheer in most everyone’s tone, and the baked goodies that so often come along with. I love that we have a whole season centered around giving and based on our Lord. While we embrace the fun of Santa and elves and reindeer; Chuck and I do our best to make sure that this is a season filled with family memories and God’s love.

To start the season off right we all pitch in in the decorating of the house. It is always an event filled with laughter and unique results. While we still want to add a few more things, we’ve pretty much finished adding the physical cheer.


I think our tree turned out pretty good! We prefer the simplicity of a bare tree enveloped in meaningful ornaments.


Chuck always does my Christmas village for me.


Our nativity and family willow statues.


The stockings are hung by the fireplace, waiting for Santa to fill them.


Hila Fay insisted upon having her own nativity. When she realized we only had one stable she ran to her room and came out with this. I think it made a beautiful addition.


Last, but not least, my Alabama gnome wanted to be a part of the good times.

How do you make Christmas Special at your place?

Merry Christmas!

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