The Legacy of Women


This is my daughter,  Hila Fay. She has just turned five and already has big plans for her future, though they do tend to change from day to day. Some days she wants to be a princess doctor, some an electrician like her daddy, and  still others she wants to work for her “Uncle Munch” and mess with computers (my brother owns AnyWay Technologies an IT company). She was named after incredibly strong women and has the personality to prove it (A bit of advice, don’t name your kid after two strong people; choose one strong-willed and one wuss. Trust me.).


From the moment I discovered I was pregnant I began to pray that God would give me the wisdom to raise her with a heart for Him.  I try to instill in her a good mixture of self-confidence and humility. I always emphasize that beauty comes from who a person is and not how they look and that her thoughts are important to me.  I want her to grow up believing that people are (or at least can be) more than they appear.


It would seem to me that this would be the goal of most any parent. I reckon this is why I do not understand the constant treatment of women by the media.  Yes, there are times when I am enthralled by the gorgeous gowns and outfits worn by the elite of our society. However, just like my daughter is more than an impish princess, these women are more than their clothes. 

It is insulting to females everywhere every time a reporter ignores the importance of a woman’s actions to concentrate solely on their attire. Our president and his wife are currently on an official trip and the only things I have seen posted about Mrs. Obama are how wonderfully she matched her outfit for a photo op and how unflattering her bubble skirt was.  Actor George Clooney’s wife is a powerful attorney and while headed into court was asked who designed her clothes. Seriously!?


If we do not start demanding that the the women of today are respected and more than mannequins what hope do we have of showing our daughters that their hearts and minds are their best assets?

2% Mom

P.S. If y’all seriously can’t come up with better questions feel free to email me.

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