A Challenge for a Better America


I’m loathe to admit this in public, for he is my younger brother after all, but I’m immensely proud of Josh.   I have watched him accomplish things that time and time again people said he would never do.  I stood in the doorway of our parents’ basement and watched him, as a young pre-teen, work on computers.  Now I sit in the back office and work for him at his corporation.  Josh started his business at 11, graduated at 16, has grown his company from a one man show to a threatening corporation that is continually blowing up.  He accomplished all of this while still balancing a personal life that brought a wonderful woman to be my sister and gave me three handsome nephews.

Everything Josh does, he does it with all that he is and with integrity.  Josh is an example of the American dream that if we work and believe hard enough that we can make things happen.  He is passionate about his God, family, and country and will very quickly come to any of those defenses; which is why I was not surprised when he told me last night that he was creating a video challenging Donald Trump to a debate.  Josh sees Trump as a bully, a man who pushes past those with weaker defenses to get what he wants without regard to the consequences or who gets hurt.  Trump is a threat to our country, not an asset, and needs to be put in his place.  I, for one, think Josh can do it.  What we need in this country are people with solutions, not people who parade around shouting that we have problems.  WE KNOW WE HAVE PROBLEMS!  How about coming up with realistic solutions and then working towards their accomplishments?  This is OUR country, I say it’s time we take it back.




Tell it like it is!

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