The writings in this blog come from the mind of a 2%. While I do my best to ensure the accuracy of everything, sometimes (once every decade or so) I get things wrong-so don’t sue me, k?

This blog is meant only to inform, entertain, and spread God’s love. I pray that no-one is offended by my opinions and/or beliefs; but if you are then I am truly sorry and encourage you to leave a comment expressing your point of view. Please keep all comments PG, I need to protect my innocence 😉 I reserve the right to delete any comments that are unnecessarily rude, crude, vulgar and/or just plain mean.

All writings in this blog are the property of the author. Please don’t use it without asking first-I’d hate to have to tell God on you-Exodus 20:15 “Thou shalt not steal.” If you do I will go forth with legal consequences, both for my writings and those of my guest bloggers.

In summary:
Sometimes I’m wrong-don’t sue
My opinions are mine-don’t sue
Be nice or be deleted-don’t sue
Don’t steal-I’ll sue

2% aka Mel

Tell it like it is!

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