Hila’s Reviews

With the exception of “Church time”, “story time” at the “libareee” has become the highlight of our week. Each week we go a bit early so we can return our books and check out new ones-and give Hila and Matt time to play on the computers (though they cannot figure out what the heck the mice are for!) and trains) before it’s time to listen to the story and do our craft.

Hila and I thought we would dedicate a page to our favorite books (in no particular order) and invite y’all to please leave us some recommendation of books that she must read.

By the way, we’re only leaving positive reviews, cuz as Thumper’s dad says: “if you don’t have nuttin nice to say … Then don’t say nuttin at all.”


1. The Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw
Short, cute, made Hila literally laugh out loud almost the entire time. GREAT for a beginning reader. Will check out again.

2. Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink by Victoria Kann
Oh, the pinkness!!! I love that when Pinkalicious wants something she works for it, and in the process is swarmed in pink and even shares with her brother!


3. Press Here by Herve Tulle
It’s hard to describe, an interactive book with colorful dots. Incredibly cute!!! Trust me-check it out!

4. Little Bitty Mousie by Jim Aylesworth, Illustrations by Michael Hague
Possibly one of the best-plot wise-ABC stories I’ve come across so far! Hila Fay said this was a “great one”.

5. Red Sled  by Lita Judge is a picture book for older children. It’s all about the adventures of a red sled that accidentally gets left outside and the animals whom find it. The illustrations are DARLING and talking about the details as we flip each page kept Hila Fay enthralled.

4 thoughts on “Hila’s Reviews

  1. Lincoln loves the Llama, Llama books.

    1. I’ve read some of those! I need to get Hila some & check some out. I wish our library was as big as yours!!!

  2. She needs to read the three investigators when she is older.

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