Faith Posts

First Pentecostal Church in Little Rock, AR

Faith Posts: These are the posts that are influenced by my walk as a christian. Some are devotional in nature, others are just my ponderings. As always, I’d love your input.

James 1:1-14

Why I Choose Joy

Airing Your Drama is a Sin

World View vs Biblical View: Marriage

Protecting Your Marriage from the Devil’s Lies: Part 1

Modesty Rules

Tabernacle Glory

Humble Pie

Love Thine Enemy

Garbage In, Garbage Out

The Depth of God’s Love

Broken Silence

Favorite Book

Submissive is Strength

What if…

Faith like a Child

Finding Joy in 2% Times

One Chance to Say Goodbye

I am a Tree

Testimony of a 2%

Bucket of Shapes

Faith by Choice

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